Nov 19

Auto-Tune Visits Tower Shops Meet – South Florida


No matter where you go in the world there will always be a car meet you can find that is going on… While on vacation with the help of some local friends Auto-Tune ventured into the Tower Shops where in … Continue reading

Nov 17

TPG Tuning comes to The Bahamas


So the Dyno finally is up and running so that means it time to go Faster…The boys from TPG Tuning came in to do some tuning. This is Tom’s Billet wheel Borg Warner Supra making a pull…  

May 16

Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2012 Part 2


Yes we know we are VERY late on this post, but for good reasons. Since we posted part one (Click here to view), we have upgraded our back end and are testing new features. So here we are launching in … Continue reading