#LocalFlava – Menace to Society

When you think of something that suppose to be menacing you think gritty, dirty, rude. However, when looking at this 1996 Toyota Soarer, Menacing is last on your mind until you hear the roar from the 604 hp 1JZ motor. The menace within comes alive. Smoke from the tires and screams from the exhaust makes it seem as if there is something alive, just begging to be released.

Auto-Tune got the chance to travel with this menace as it snakes its way through town. You cant help but look at the presence this car has on the road. From Bumper to bumper this car is almost 13 feet long. It’s low stance helps it to slither down the road until you down shift to second and the car is ready to strike becoming a true menace on the street.

This car is definitely not WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Outside its elegant with inside being more function over form as it pulls double duty as a street and drag track car.

The Driver is supported by 2 ARK Sparco racing seats with 5 point racing harness. Nardi Steering Wheel with NRG removable hub, LED interior lighting, rear seat delete, and carbon fiber wrapped interior trim with saude accents.

Exterior styling is owed to a Vertex full body kit painted in the in Lexus’ glacier frost mica. With the rear getting aftermarket red and clear tailights. Subtle carbon fiber accents wraps the side pillars.

Photos simply do not describe the menace this car is. You look and you stare for a few seconds to take it all in… However, with it’s driver behind the wheel he tames his beasts to his command. Terrorizing the streets and the track.

“It’s a pretty – fast car” the owner exclaimed. “That’s what I said I wanted and now I have it.” This car definitely is no show queen at that. It gets ripped on and abuses the pavement it rides on. It has an evil grin of it’s own and the attitude to be deceiving. It wants to make smoke, it wants to slide into the corner, it wants to be driven.

We thank Poo for giving Auto-Tune the chance for the first feature on the site. It was a true menacing day. Be sure to check out the video below to seem more on how this beast is a “Menace to Society”!




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